Operations are invasive procedures. It affects you and your body, be it a minor or major surgery. During the recovery period, you will be generally requiring assistance to make sure that you are healing well. We provide comprehensive and individualized care for our patient’s post-operative & hospital discharge services. Whether the patient requires comprehensive care or daily visits. We can custom made a holistic plan of care that incorporates all aspects of your recovery.

Our team will help you to recover at the comfort of your home. We have experienced and highly professional staff that will provide care from major operations such as

  • Cardiothoracic surgeries
  • Brain related surgeries
  • Close and open Laparotomies
  • Total Knee Replacment (TKR)
  • Amputation (arms and legs)
  • Orthopadic procedure and surgeries
  • Urological and Gynecological surgeries
  • Patients with all types and drains and tubes


Our care team will provide:


  • A comprehensive patient assessment and monitoring.
  • Examining the surgical site.
  • Medication and administration including intravenous therapy.
  • Wound care and dressing services.
  • Prevention from infections.