Health Care Solutions (HCS) have been designed in a way that they extend to all aspects of the infant stages. Our Mother & Baby Child Care Program is specially designed for new moms, newborn babies, mommy-to-be, and for children of all stages. Our role is to take away the stress for mothers and let them enjoy all aspects of bringing up their baby safely. To keep and them calm and to ensure them that a trusted professional is just one phone call away. In terms of maternity care, We provides a safe and high quality of care from pregnancy to delivery of your newborn child.

Our specially trained professional staff will help establish a regular routine check-up for your baby and will organize and set up a nursery area for him. We are here to help with feeding, and to make sure that you are also nourished.

Our mother & baby care program is designed on the basis of the physical and psycho social needs of our clients, their entire family, and the newly born. Whether your needs are for help during post-delivery, or for setting sleep routines for your baby-HCS Mother & Baby care are here to help!

At HCS, we take pride in building trust with our clients. We aim to make your transition to parenthood as smooth as possible.