How Exactly To Verify That Some Body Had Been A Navy SEAL

10. I Happened To Be Dishonorably Released For Striking An Officer

Haven’t you guys ever heard of film “Under Siege”?

Recall the component where Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal) punches Commander Krill (Gary Busey) after he spits in their soup?

Here’s a fast refresher:

If a man is claiming to be always a SEAL and mentions something similar to this, he’s probably a fake.

As Shipley has pointed call at many of his videos, these dudes conjure up stories from films.

“I declined to destroy females and young ones, so they really booted me personally from the SEALS”

That’s Hacksaw Ridge…

“I happened to be delivered behind enemy lines to end a rogue unique forces soldier bent on vigilante justice”

That has been Apocalypse Now…

In the event that whole tale seems a little too unbelievable, it likely is.

11. He Served On SEAL Team 9

This will be one I experienced really never ever been aware of up to now.

Somebody delivered me personally a contact week that is last to validate if an individual of their “buddies” had been actually a SEAL.

Within the e-mail, he claimed which he served with SEAL Team 9.

One thing seemed down about this, thus I did a small digging and noticed, there’s really no such thing as a “SEAL Team 9”.

When I mentioned early in the day, you will find 4 groups in Coronado (1, 3, 5, and 7), and 4 groups in minimal Creek, Virginia (2, 4, 8, and 10).

SEAL Team 6 doesn’t count, because they’re fundamentally their very own thing.

Additionally there are 2“reserve” that is additional Teams, 17 and 18, that are consists of book users.

Nonetheless, there’s absolutely no thing that is such a “SEAL Team 9”.

If some body is claiming that, these are generally likely lying for you.

1. “What BUD/S Class were you in?”

It is a typical means individuals think they could trip up a fraudulent seal claim.

Sure, if he states he had been in course 2 Zero Bravo or Class 899 (that will graduate in about 200 years), then chances are you understand he’s likely a phony.

Exactly what would you state if he comes home with a course which may match up potentially?

State “Class 202” or “Class 165”.

Have you figured out whenever Class 165 graduated? Neither do i…

In addition to that, there are not any publicly available documents of BUD/S classes by or rosters for that matter year.

2. “Who Ended Up Being Your Swim Buddy?”

Linked to the above mentioned. Really, just just how could you know if some guy was someone’s swim friend?

Exactly the same applies to a commanding officer, dudes he could have offered for a SEAL Team with, etc.

Until you had been a SEAL yourself, there’s absolutely no way you’re going to understand set up response is B.S.

6 Other Fake Navy SEAL Claims you might Encounter

1. “My entire product ended up being captured”

No SEAL has ever been taken prisoner of war. If some guy claiming to ever be a SEAL mentions that, you understand he’s complete of it. (Supply)

2. “Yeah, I became a SEAL. I became stationed in the USS Enterprise”

SEALs aren’t stationed on vessels. They arrive at and from aspects of operations / conduct training operations from vessels, however they are never stationed to them.

3. “My documents are merely available to the POTUS”

Their documents are categorized and no you can access them. No such thing.

4. Awards / Commendations

He’s claiming he’s got a Medal Of Honor, Purple Heart, Navy Cross, and / or a Distinguished Service Cross. It is possible to find this given information online, I’ve put become a sugar baby Orlando Florida links to find each within the recommendations package below.

Furthermore, numerous SEALs that are phony spell prizes and citations improperly. They’ll state they will have an ‘Accommodation metal’, in the place of a ‘Commendation Medal’.

All SEALs spend severe focus on information, and could be extremely tough to assume one making a spelling mistake such as that.

5. “I happened to be so excellent, i did son’t have to get to BUD/S”

They didn’t need to proceed through BUD/S to be a SEAL. The SEALS stumbled on them and recruited them. Bulls$%t…

6. “I happened to be an aquatic and additionally they transferred me personally towards the SEALs”

These people were into the Army or Marines and did have to go n’t through BUD/S training. Maybe perhaps Not occurring. All SEALs, it doesn’t matter what branch they may have formerly offered in, proceed through BUD/S.


When I mentioned earlier in the day, you will find a lot of dudes claiming these were (or are) Navy SEALS.

It’s not only unethical, however in numerous instances it is really unlawful. (see taken valor)

The the next time you run into some body claiming to be a SEAL, utilize a few of the great tips on these pages to ensure your suspicions.